Orientation in the Aachen region Leben in und um Aachen / La vie dans Aix-la-chapelle

Arriving in North Rhine-Westphalia - First steps to finding your way

Bienvenue en Rhénanie-du-Nord-Westphalie - Une brochure d'accueil pour réfugiés arrivant en Rhénanie-du-Nord-Westphalie
Issued by ministry of integration NRW

Available languages (Download PDF):
deutsch, english, français, dari, farsi

Aachen Refugee Guide

Interactive and multilingual (arabic, farsi, english, deutsch) googlemap with important addresses for refugees  provided by a group of unemployed people from Aachen.

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Streetmap of the city of Aachen with some important addresses

Des rues de la ville de Aachen avec quelques adresses importantes
Download map of "Der Paritätische" (PDF)

Counsel for refugees

Legal, psychological and job-related counsel in the Aachen region

Assistance in asylum procedure:
Café Zuflucht (deutsch, english, français)

Further assistance:
english (via GoogleTranslate)
français (via GoogleTranslate)

Local traffic

Multilingual infosheet of the local transport association AVV
Issued by AVV in June 2016 - Infos about tickets, where to buy them, how to use busses and trains.
Available languages: deutsch, english, français, arabic, kurdish, farsi and pashto.
Download (PDF)

Timetable for local buses
You can buy a ticket from the bus driver - if you don't have a ticket it may happen that you have to pay 60€

aseag.de in english (via GoogleTranslate)
aseag.de en fraçais (via GoogleTranslate)

All people entitled to the right of benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (AsylbLG) may buy a special ticket called "Mobil-Ticket". The personal ticket applies around the clock in all buses and trains in the city region of Aachen. It costs around 30 € a month.

Timetable for trains
You have to buy a ticket before entering the train - all stations have a ticket-machine, some have ticket-counters with real humans

bahn.de (in english)

Sorting waste

The Service Centre at Aachener Stadtbetrieb has published a flyer and a poster how to sort waste in Aachen.

Available languages:
Poster: deutsch, arabic
Flyer: deutsch, english, français, arabic, turkish, russian, spanish

Knowledge about the communes in the StädteRegion Aachen

aachen.de (english, français, other languages)
Aachen at wikipedia (deutsch, english, français)

alsdorf.de (english*, français*)
Alsdorf at wikipedia (deutsch, english*, français*)

baesweiler.de (english*, français*)
Baesweiler at wikipedia (deutsch, english*, français*)

Eschweiler at wikipedia (deutsch, english*, français*)

Herzogenrath at wikipedia (deutsch, english*, français*)

monschau.de (english*, français*)
Monschau at wikipedia (deutsch, english*, français*)

roetgen.de (english*, français*)
Roetgen at wikipedia (deutsch, english*, français*)

simmerath.de (english*, français*)
Simmerath at wikipedia (deutsch, english*, français*)

Stolberg at wikipedia (deutsch, english*, français*)

wuerselen.de (english*, français*)
Würselen at wikipedia (deutsch, english*, français*)

* via GoogleTranslate

Local newspapers

Aachener Zeitung
deutsch, english*, français*

Aachener Nachrichten
deutsch, english*, français*

The articles with a key are visbible about one week later.

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